We make our signature styles in US sizes 2-15 and complete collection in US sizes 3-13. Don’t worry if you don't know your US size, the conversion will be shown when you select your size at the checkout.

What sizes do you offer?

We have two different size offerings, depending on which category your shoe design falls under. Our Signature Styles (the most popular designs) come in US sizes 2 to 15 and optional width adjustments of narrow, wide and extra wide. Our Complete Collection (everything else) comes in US sizes 3 to 13. Both ranges are inclusive of half-sizes. Don’t worry if you don't know your US size: the conversion will be shown when you select your size at the checkout.

Where’s your conversion chart?

We’re currently transitioning from EU to US sizes. During this period, rather than using a conversion chart, you simply need to select your size at the checkout. The conversions are built into this function and are automatic – so the size you select will always be the correct conversion for that particular design.

Why are shoes defaulting to two different size conversions?

We’re currently in the process of transitioning all of our shoes into US sizes (as opposed to European). During this transition phase, you might notice that some shoes default to US sizes and others don’t, and that the conversions don’t match up. Don’t worry about this; it’s all part of the transition. The conversion shown when you select your size at the checkout will be the correct one for each individual shoe.

  • 365 day return or remake
  • Dedicated customer support
  • We cater for 4 widths*
  • Our expert fitters will help you find the right fit
  • We've fit 50,000+ shoes, we can fit yours too

* width adjustments are not available on all styles


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Dear Marie,
I have received the shoes on Friday and they are perfect! I was a bit worried about the colour, since you said that the blue suede is also vibrant, but I find them not too vibrant. And the fit is also perfect! I have to say they are the first shoes that fit my giant feet perfectly, with no pain ( not yet anyway, and hopefully nothing comes) and no pressure points anywhere! The dangerous thing is, I think now I'm hooked! And the fact that I have a voucher, it must be used some time in the future, right? ;) I would really like to thank you for making the recommendations and for everything else!

Best Regards,
- Chitra

Hi Marie,
Thank you for your help and quick responses. My new shoes arrived today, they came so quickly! I was very excited. I tried them on and they fit perfectly! I will send back the pair that is size 40.5 and keep the pair that is size 40.I was very happy with the returns process and I thought the website was great! Thank you for your help, I am enjoying my new shoes and I'm wearing them around the house to get ready for the wedding. They are so pretty!

Thank you again,
- Erica

I have to say that my shoes are perfect and beautiful!! I have already recommended the site to my friends. I have another design ready to be ordered and want to order some flats as well. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn!! And with a 4 inch heel. Thank you so much!! I just haven't had enough time to sit down and design some more shoes, but I definitely will!

- Joyce

Dear Dione,
I have received the remake of my shoes in size 44 extra wide. They are perfect and absolutely comfortable. Thank you so much for helping me through this. Even though, there were trials and errors, I feel confident in having shoes made by Shoes of Prey for special events in the future.

Once again, thank you.
- Angela

My shoes are fantastic - exactly what I wanted! The first time the shoes came they were a little big, but through some really easy email discussion with the Shoes of Prey team, we sorted the problem and my replacement shoes arrived and were perfect. I was amazed at how simple the process was, even for making adjustments, and it was all completed very quickly with plenty of time for my wedding. I have been recommending SOP to everyone. And given the price, I'm tempted to buy all my shoes this way, just for the excitement and feeling so special when they arrive so beautifully packaged! Absolutely awesome! Thanks so much!

- Michelle

My entire experience with Shoes of Prey was a pleasure. I was a little apprehensive about the fit, and wavered between 7's and 6 1/2's, but because you emphatically encouraged getting the proper size on your website, I closed my eyes and went with it. The shoes fit like a pair I've already worn for many years. a custom made pair of party shoes in a 6 1/2 EE. Who would have thought that was possible? The party I am hosting for which I ordered these shoes is this Saturday. I cannot wait for people to admire them. And I look forward to designing and ordering another pair next month! Thank you Shoes of Prey!

- Alicia

Hi Celeste,
Thanks for getting back to me. I did receive them this afternoon, and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! They fit perfectly!!! Now i just have to wait until my wedding to wear them! :)

- Rebecca