Business brain and beauty expert with a no-bullshit attitude


Introducing The Renegades Collection

Courageously stepping away from the exclusive world of print magazines, and venturing out on her own to create Australia’s first digital beauty magazine, Gritty Pretty, Eleanor Pendleton pushed boundaries. Determined to present an authentic message in both work and life, her style is unmistakably no nonsense — classic black, white, and grey.

Inspired by women who have had great impact on her life, The Renegades Collection is about boosting confidence by empowering and enhancing what you’ve already got. No BS.

The Renegades


Eleanor Pendleton x Shoes of Prey co-branding will feature on above designs only.
Customized versions of these designs will contain Shoes of Prey’s standard branding.


Shoes should never be underestimated. They are like the spritz of perfume you apply before leaving the house. They make you feel confident and complete.

“When you wear a killer pair of shoes, you can go out into the world and tackle whatever day you might face.”

- Eleanor Pendleton.