High heels, ballet flats, precious pumps, even winter boots — the first-wear shoe-rubbing foot blister doesn’t discriminate. But, there’s no need to fear the first wear. Here’s our tip for beating the blisters.

We all know the story of the new-shoe-first-wear. Totally bittersweet. The frivolity of a new piece of clothing — shiny, sparkling - but also sometimes a little teeth-clenching towards the end of the night while the leather is learning the shape of your feet. And even though ours are custom shoes, the natural materials will sometimes need a date or two with your feet to become the most comfortable heels you've ever worn.

Lamenting this in the Shoes of Prey office with the girls a solution was suggested — humble, simple cello tape. I've tried bandaids and sports tape but never cello. I'm advised that packing tape thickness works best. All you need is a patch over the blister or area that you think will blister and you're set to slip those shoes on for a smoother get to know you phase.