say about you?

Ever wondered what your signature shoe says about you? What she’s telling people who walk past? Well, we’ve tackled the translation for you. Here’s what your favorite footwear is saying.


Let’s call her Audrey. She’s saying you’re feminine, classic and no there’s no truth in the fact that heels are the only way to be chic. Like her namesake you have unmistakable style and sophistication.


You are a busy lady. Focused but feminine enough to want a little lift, just because it’s a kitten heel doesn’t mean you’re kitten. You’re on a mission and these kittens will take you there.


Your sandal tells the world you are carefree. You're probably sitting by the beach or at least daydreaming about being there. It’s just as easy to throw your go-to pick over your shoulder as it is to throw them on with your maxi dress. Your style is effortless.


Oxfords are the shoe of an adventurer. You have serious wanderlust, and your Oxfords will walk you all over those places you're dreaming of. Not just a wanderer, you’re one of the boys, you can rock a classic white shirt like it’s nobody's business.


We hear it loud and clear from the pump. You are not to be messed with. Fierce and feminine, your pump could almost be singing “who runs the world…?” No matter where you are, we’d find you strutting it.