We often get asked how to measure heel heights, so we thought we'd show you how with this handy guide. The good news? We do it exactly the way most people think it is done.


The actual heel height is measured from the middle of the top of the heel at the back of the shoe through to the top of the heel cap (not including the heel cap). The heel cap is usually about half a centimetre, in addition to the height of the heel.

Did you know?

Did you know a heel height in one size is different to the same heel height shoe in another size? Each shoe company starts with one ideal size (a sample size). At Shoes of Prey, this is US size 7. Each new shoe is first created in a size 7. Once the size 7 is perfect, then we make it into all the other sizes. This is called full size grading.

The whole shoe, including individual components, has to become bigger when we are making a bigger size, and smaller when we’re making a smaller size. Including the heel height. When we go up a size, it adds about 1.5mm to the heel height. If we didn’t do this and just kept the heel height totally static, the proportions of the shoe would look odd.

This means that when you’re buying a shoe — with just about any shoe brand — the heel won’t be precisely the height they say, unless you’re purchasing in their sample size. This is totally normal, and a good thing, because you’ll receive a proportionate, beautiful, comfortable shoe.