There's almost nothing more difficult to manage than an uncomfortable pair of beautiful shoes. It's tough because it's one of those few situations in which you will invariably choose hours of pain for beauty. But it doesn't have to be that way.

At Shoes of Prey we have options for narrow and wide-fitting shoes, so we can prevent these problems from happening with your shoes*. But regardless of this, you probably have a few of those uncomfortable beautiful shoes in the cupboard, or potentially you're beautiful new Shoes of Prey shoes need just a little bit more width, so we thought we'd share a few shoe-stretching techniques with you.

  1. The first isn't so much of a technique as a suggestion — you can have your shoes stretched overnight by your local cobbler. Here in Australia this will set you back about $15. If you don't have a cobbler you usually use and you're in Australia try looking up your local Mister Minit.

  2. The second tip comes from a YouTube video by Michelle Phan, based on the principle of water expanding when frozen. Basically you fill up watertight bags with water, put them inside the toes of the shoes and then put them in the freezer overnight. As the water expands, it will gently stretch your shoes. For a comprehensive tutorial checkout the video here.

  3. Thirdly is a cute one Belinda shared with us. We made her wedding shoes for her wedding and in the lead up to the big day Belinda undertook some of her own shoe stretching at home to make sure these shoes were a perfect fit. She simply selected some bottles that are (kind of) foot shaped, wrapped them in something soft (face washers) and pushed them into the toes of the shoes. Belinda left them overnight and it worked a treat.

Any of your own tips to add? Share them below.

*Due to the way our width adjustments are achieved this option isn't applicable to sandals.