Designing your own shoes. It can be a pretty daunting process, can’t it? The first time is the hardest, but I’m sure you’ll find after you’ve designed your first pair of shoes, you’ll wonder why you ever shopped for shoes any differently. Follow these steps for success.

1. Seek inspiration

What kind of shoe are you after? Is it for a particular occasion? Is it to fill a gap in your wardrobe? Are you wanting to recreate a shoe that you love but that’s sadly worn out? Seen a shoe you love in a magazine? Found a shoe you love but it wasn’t quite perfect for you (heel too high, toe too pointed)? This kind of research is perfect preparation for the designing process.

2. Look in your wardrobe

What outfits do you want to wear your shoes with? Pull out some options - and try to visualise what shoe might work with your clothes.

3. Fabric


What’s going to be most versatile for what you need? Are you after something that blends in or pops? Check out our leather swatches and create your own palette.


Do you need it for wet weather? Go patent. Want to project a summery feel? Maybe a cotton blend. Also consider leather combinations. Do you want a sleek look or a bit of colour or textural contrast?

4. Heel height

How long will you be on your feet for? Consult our heel height guide to ensure you get something that suits your needs.

5. Heel type

Sexy looking stiletto, beautiful block heel, practical wedge, or a fabulous flat? Consider the surface you’re walking on and how refined you want your shoe to look.

6. Toe and back

Peep toe, pointed or round. Slingback, d’Orsay and more. Experiment with toe and back combinations in our designer.

7. What goes where?

Now that you’ve considered the shape of the shoe, put your chosen fabrics where they suit best. For example, the toe and heel are the areas of the shoe where you’ll get the most scuffing, so it’s best to put your hardiest fabrics in those positions. See our fabric guide for more great tips!

8. Little touches

Add an extra something to your shoes with a decoration. Bows, trim and more. Fashion lining is the perfect way to add personality to your shoes. Don’t forget about our personal inscriptions. There’s no reason why each pair of shoes you own shouldn’t have your name in them.

9. Choose your size

What shoe size do you most often wear? That’s the one to choose. If you’re nervous about the fit, see our sizing page. We can help you if you have concerns — and there’s room to add notes about your feet at the checkout.

10. The waiting game

The hardest step of all, this is the time it takes to make your shoes from scratch and deliver them to your waiting feet. Then, it’s time to take those babies for a spin! Ready to design your shoes? Follow our steps and your shoes will be just perfect for you and your wardrobe.

Ready to design your shoes? Follow our steps and your shoes will be just perfect for you and your wardrobe.